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Three of the Most Important Reasons to Update Your Interior Design Now

Updating your home interiors occasionally is more important than you might think.  Here are three reasons  you should do it now, and how those changes will affect your life:

1.  You haven’t changed anything for three years or more.

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If you haven’t changed your surroundings for this long, they no longer reflect the person you are today and will begin to stagnate your life.  We all change constantly. Every experience, person, circumstance and event in our lives affects us and creates a new viewpoint from which we function in the world.  If our home environment doesn’t move along with us, it creates a drag on our evolution.

Look at it this way.  Imagine you are in a boat, floating down a river. Every bend in the stream changes your view as you go along.   At first you might see wide vistas, but then travel through a forest, where your view is much more limited.  Soon, the river gets shallower and rushes along. The landscape whizzes by so fast you almost don’t see it.  But then, you enter a place where the river is stagnated by an overgrowth of algae, and you slow way down.  Nothing seems to change. You become bored as a result of the lack of change in what you see around you, day in and day out.

The same thing happens in life.  If what you look at every day is the same year after year, your viewpoint gets stuck; and you tend to get stuck in life along with it. Update your home as your life evolves and notice how it inspires you toward positive growth.

2.  The seasons are changing and you’re getting into a NESTING mood. 

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As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, humans, like all living things, tend to return to a more internal form of living.  The light changes (another subject for another blog), grows shorter and shifts our sleep patterns (if we allow it).

Nesting is a natural part of the rhythm of life, redirecting your attention to the inner landscape of your home.  Now is the perfect time to update things, bring in fresh and/or different colors, textures, patterns and forms or shapes. Move from cool, open, light and bright to warmer, darker, softer, closer.  Change things up to reflect the change you’re experiencing within and see how your life moves more smoothly as well.

3. A major change has been taken place in your life in the past six months.  

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You added or lost someone in your household (human or animal, old or young); you reached a certain age; you moved; you changed careers or position in your work; you completed a major project.  Anything that has brought about a big adjustment in your life can throw off your normal rhythm; and it’s a good idea to give yourself something fresh in your surroundings to ground you at this time.  Something seriously different.  It could be art, or new bedding (this is a really good and comforting one, pun intended), or a new piece of furniture, or a change of color that reflect a new stage of your life.  Don’t be shy on this one.  The importance of acknowledging major changes by changing what you see each day cannot be over-emphasized.

Hermes Transmegistus said (a really long time ago):  “As above, so below; as within, so without.”  This quote has been getting a lot of play in recent years.  What it means is that everything affects everything else.  What goes on within us is reflected outside of us.  Equally, what we perceive outside of us reflects how we feel within.  If your home design is not reflecting what’s changing in in your life, bring it up to date, and even move it ahead of you, so it acts like a beacon toward the life you want.

What you choose to do in this regard doesn’t have to be huge, or expensive. You can change the furniture around, paint a room, add or change pillows on a sofa, shift area rugs around, bring in seasonal things from nature, change your light bulbs (NOT to fluorescent, please. They are very unhealthy for you; and I’ll explain why in an upcoming blog).  Or you can bring in something new, whatever your budget will allow, that will change your perspective, improve the energy of your home, or inspire you in some way.

Let your surroundings lead you forward into the next phase of your life, whether through incremental or huge changes, or the changing of seasons; and discover how supported and safe you feel – about all of it.

Write a comment below and let me know what you are planning to update and why.  If you’ve updated recently share with us how that change has affected you.