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New Year Inspiration

What if we replaced resolutions with inspiration?  What if instead of setting goals that we really won’t achieve because they don’t fill our hearts with joy, we simply decided to allow more inspiration to move us, guide our choices and nudge us onto new and more meaningful paths?  What if, instead of declaring an intention, we simply allowed inspiration and intuition to be our muse?

Over the holidays, I was given a magazine “Where Women Create” which so deeply inspired me I spent this whole day reorganizing and making my own studio more functional and inspiring.  I didn’t spend any money on it, (not yet anyway), I just re-imagined it so it would fit my life better, create a more nurturing feel and clear out some of the cobwebs in my mind that have developed over a year of working in it.  It’s not fancy, and certainly not ‘magazine photogenic’, but it works and I love it.

The view out the windows during the day is All Nature All the Time!
The view out the windows during the day is All Nature All the Time!

There’s more in my heart that wants doing.  I have so many dreams to fulfill, so many gifts that have yet to be shared. I really need a more serious space, a more private one, but this will serve my current needs.  As those ideas begin to blossom and space requirements dictate, I’ll revisit it and rework it once again.

What is your New Year Inspiration?  What is asking to be seen within you? What do you want to grow into this year?  What is your heart longing for?  Perhaps now is the time to give it light, to give yourself permission to listen to that still quiet voice that keeps nagging at you and won’t go away.

Let me know in the comments below.  Maybe your heart’s desire will inspire someone to move beyond their own fears and open to theirs.  Perhaps there’s a way I can support you in developing the courage to GO AHEAD and play!!!

Happy New Year!

What Inspires You?

In “The Invitation”, Oriah Mountain Dreamer said,

“It doesn’t interest me
what you do for a living.
I want to know
what you ache for
and if you dare to dream
of meeting your heart’s longing”

Well, I want to know :

What inspires you to relieve that ache, and to move toward the “meeting of your heart’s longing”?

When you look at [fill in the blank], you feel your heart opening to whatever it is that “you dare to dream of”, wanting more than anything to BE that which “you ache for”, filling you with trust that you are not only capable of it, but have it deep within you already, waiting for you to let go of everything you are NOT, and allow it to fill you up totally.

What inspires this feeling in you?  Speak it.  Share it here.  Or post a photo of it.   Let’s start an Inspiration Conversation.

These photos say it all for me: